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Just love being ignored…


I cried so much last night that even though I’m still just as unhappy now I physically can’t cry anymore


I am so jealous of all those lucky people having sex right now.


Most nights
I silently cry,
and let the 
tears carry 
me to sleep.


I don’t understand why people feel the need to hurt others. Like what kind of satisfaction do you get from breaking someone’s heart?

I think giving a whole lot of love and receiving love back is way better than ever, ever hurting someone.

Because once upon a time, that person mattered.

And they still do.


For me, feelings should not be unkept. It should be said and never be hidden. Me personally, if there’s something I want to confess about someone I tell! Because for me it’s not crime to be real. It’s not crime to freed myself over my emotions and feelings. I let them know what I trully feel about…

Duon mo siya iaatack sa point na mahina siya kasi ikaw ang kahinaan niya


These last few days I’ve been in such a horrible mood, and I can’t seem to understand why. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m homesick and I miss my friends, or maybe it’s because I miss my boyfriend so much even though we send each other messages everyday.

I want a hug. Not just a normal hug, one of those tight hugs that take my breath away, give me butterflies, and make me smile like crazy.

Hindi ako yung tipo ng babae na kapag nasaktan, iiyak nalang sa isang sulok. Ibabangon ko ang sarili ko at papatunayan ko sayo na mali ka nung magdesisyon kang iwan ako.

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